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Co-creating tools and services for uptake of Smart Readiness Indicators for European buildings

As we confront the climate crisis, smart buildings have emerged as a critical piece in the puzzle of decarbonisation. Buildings are responsible for 40% of the final energy consumption and approximately 38% of energy-related CO2 emissions in EU countries. That's where the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) comes in. Introduced in 2017, the SRI rates a building's smartness level, its sustainability, and its adaptability to climate change. However, its application is still in its early stages, with just seven EU countries actively engaged with the framework.

Blueprint is proud to be an integral part of the SRI-ENACT Project (2022-2025). We are responsible for Austria’s SRI implementation, increasing cooperation among stakeholders, training auditors, and conducting SRI assessments in 750 residential and 1900 non-residential buildings. Our mission? To turn smart buildings from a novelty to the norm.


Modernising gas operations control rooms in 21st century

With new regulation developing fast and OT modernization project in place, Client realized the opportunity to review and optimize IT/OT working capital requirements through rationalizing and consolidating the application portfolios and capture additional value through an overall Transformation. We helped review existing IT/OT systems and strategies in place and identify high-level opportunities to streamline and improve IT capabilities as well as developed a roadmap to streamline the IT/OT modernization to gain synergies and cost efficiencies through application optimization and consolidation and procure new systems avoiding integration issues and thus reducing risk in implementation.


Digital Integration Platform for DSO transformation journey

We have provided services to one of the largest European DSOs that ensures proper operation, maintenance, and development of distribution network delivering electricity to several million consumers. The company has initiated strategic transformation plan as the central pillar of the company’s business plan and part of the Transformation Program towards an innovative Distribution System Operator (DSO) Company. The company faces multiple challenges at the level of people, processes and technology in implementing this program. We have conducted analysis of AS-IS state, and developed a new multi-year roadmap with development of functional specifications for procurement of the new digitalisation platform, including data governance and management approach.


Asset Management/Asset Performance Management reference projects for EU TSOs

Over the past 4 years, we have delivered a number of projects to Transmission System Operators, in North, Central and South Europe where we provided consultancy services on the criteria for the evaluation of electricity transmission system equipment and solutions for determining the asset health index as well as design of an Asset Performance Management System.


Development of Advanced Grid Automation with ADMS Platform Pilot Testbed

Implementing change can be a challenge. Over the two years (2019-2021), we supported CEZ (Now: Electricity Distribution Company Zapad) in preparation of analysis of business model and processes and their automation through information systems, IT architecture available and preparation of proposal for an optimal portfolio of IT systems in support of the business and change management of solutions of CEZ Distribution with minimal overlap and minimal changes, OT infrastructure – concept for grid management and data collection, data management, change management processes and organisation. The support covered among other things:

  • Framework of IT-OT integration architecture

  • Model limited part of CEZ Bulgaria distribution network for testing applications

  • Use advanced visualization capability to analyze the results for mock distribution system

  • Support delivery of SCADA, DMS and OMS modules with Simulator for real-time points defined in Pilot Network model

  • Validate use cases from ADMS functionalities

  • Develop new business processes for CEZ

  • Train and educate resources

  • Validate change management approach

Xflex pilots.jpg

X-FLEX: Integrated energy solutions and new market mechanisms for an eXtended FLEXibility of European grid

At the end of 2019, Blueprint Energy Solutions joined a consortium led by Spanish company ETRA, for a 4-year EU project called “X-FLEX” with an investment value of EUR 9.5 million. The project comprises 12 partners from six countries. Over 20 experts from Spain, Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus are working on designing, developing and demonstrating a set of tools in order to integrate the emerging decentralized ecosystem of renewable energy sources and flexibility systems into the existing European energy system, involving multiple flexibility assets (batteries, power to heat/cold, vehicle to grid and other storage solutions) and all complementary actors of the energy network, with special attention to extreme weather conditions.


Study on Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector in the area of Energy Community

The Final report developed in 2019 in collaboration with representatives from Ministries, NRAs, system operators of gas and electricity networks as well as a number of other national stakeholders presents a set of recommendations based on the assessment of gaps between the Contracting Party legislation and EU-wide energy sector cybersecurity legislation and standards.

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