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Blueprint aims to help clients across Europe in implementing new, or optimising existing business capabilities relating to people, processes and technology. Our team of seasoned experts has gained reputation through our deep industry knowledge, excellent teams and genuine partnering approach, in the areas of:

  • Advisory services in Digitalization Roadmap

  • General operating systems consulting for grid and pipeline operators, from design to implementation.

  • ADMS, or SCADA-DMS-OMS specific consulting, including CIM integration and data management

  • Smart grid and smart metering consulting.

  • IT management, processes and services consulting.

  • Cybersecurity - where we work from Cyber strategy and advisory to governments at national level all the way to vulnerability assessments and pentesting for critical infrastructure asset owners.

  • IT specific consulting in the field of business IT applications (ERP, Asset Management, etc) selection, implementation and integration.

  • Customer center and customer services processes and technologies optimization.

  • Project management related consulting, such as Quality Assurance or Project Management Office support.


There is a huge challenge for organisations to create a position which incorporate business needs and technology drivers to develop a clear business-IT and digital roadmap. IT directors are looking for a strategic technology program which will enable them to deliver sustainable change to meet the demands of their customers, manage assets and infrastructure, satisfy their shareholders and also the regulators. we have extensive experience in the strategic development, design, delivery and assurance of substantial IT transformation programs which help clients shape the future of their companies. 


Operation Technology supports physical value creation and manufacturing processes. It therefore comprises the devices, sensors and software necessary to control and monitor network and equipment. IT on the other hand, combines all necessary technologies for information processing. The convergence of IT and OT brings clear advantages to companies including cost and risk reductions as well as enhanced performance and gains in flexibility. Our experts have deep knowledge in ADMS, GIS, Asset Management and their integration within the utility framework.


Multi-energy systems where electricity, heat, cooling, fuels, transport optimally interact with each other at various levels (for instance, within a district, city or region) represent an important opportunity to increase technical, economic and environmental performance. This performance improvement can take place at both the operational and the planning stage. 

Our experts can provide a critical overview of the latest concepts like energy hubs, microgrids, and virtual power plants, IoT/IIoT as well as various approaches and criteria for energy, environmental, and techno-economic assessment.


At both European and national government levels, decision makers are pursuing policies to promote investment, encourage greater interconnectivity between markets and protect the interests of consumers. International regulatory development set in motion continues to bring series of important changes in the way business is conducted in the energy markets. Members of our consulting team have a first-hand experience working on related projects at national and international regulation agencies and this deep understanding enables us to position our clients on the front-foot to respond to future regulatory compliance requirements. 

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