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Blueprint Energy Solutions GmbH is an Austrian engineering and ICT services company. Our main business domain is in the digitalisation of energy systems and markets, smart grids innovation projects and energy-related ICT services.

Energy companies need to be aware of the advances in technology that are transforming the ways in which energy is produced, transported and consumed. We help clients to make sense of all the challenges that are facing them, enabling them to take advantage of the business opportunities that lay ahead. 

Ales Hvala
Managing Partner

More than 20 years of experience in various executive management roles in the IT industry. Focused on financial, telco, energy and utility industries including cybersecurity. Besides executive skills, technical, economics and financial knowledge, his major advantages are in understanding technology driven dynamics of future changes in the industry and markets as well as the ability to develop working business models for future operations.

Elena Boskov Kovacs
Managing Partner

20 years of specialist knowledge in the energy, advisory and consultancy sector worldwide. Energy and security expert responsible for developing Digital Transformation strategy roadmaps and business practice to further advance industry transformation and deliver solutions that enhance the entire value chain of utility.

Focused on electricity and gas transmission and distribution network operators in Europe including cybersecurity framework and active member of professional associations such as ETIP-SNET, BRIDGE advising EC on energy transition innovation.

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