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Winning the Energy Transition Olympics - success story from CEZ Distribution Bulgaria

After the absence of the #facetoface#events in the last year and a half, the members of Blueprint Energy Solutions Mr. Boris Njavro together with our client CEZ Distribution represented by Mr. Minko Radevski are participating the 15th Conference of Croatian CIGRE Committee taking place this week in Sibenik, Croatia.

The focus of the presentation made yesterday as well as more elaborate #scientific paper is on OLYMPIAGA – THE FIRST ADMS GAMES FOR SUCCESSFUL DSO TRANSITION, performed during the past year in this Bulgarian DSO over a two year long period of implementation of our strategic project in this company.

Implementing change can be a challenge. Over the past two years, we supported CEZ in preparation of analysis of business model and processes and their automation through information systems, IT architecture available and preparation of proposal for an optimal portfolio of IT systems in support of the business and change management of

solutions of CEZ Distribution with minimal overlap and minimal changes, OT infrastructure – concept for grid management and data collection, data management, change management processes and organisation. But implementing innovation and transformation in a company cannot be done without full engagement of its people.

The OlympiAGA – program coined in the spirit of Olympic games of DSO of the future - fed the desire of CEZ employees to become acquainted with the newest tendencies in distribution network management. The first goal was to find potential members of the future ADMS team, paving path towards future advanced network operations. And it was successful – more than 60 participants from all departments of the Company were involved. The second – to develop and proof roadmap for the company transition also in terms of digitalizing its systems. A plan that would lead to involvement and empowerment of employees ensures their motivation for successful transition of the company and prepare the it to face challenges of the energy transition accelerated by the Green Deal.

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