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December 2019 - We are very proud to share that outcomes of the Study on Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector of the Energy Community, conducted by Blueprint Energy Solutions for Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna, are public. The study is examining cybersecurity in electricity and gas sectors of the Energy Community Contracting Parties, namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo*, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine. The study contributes to building energy-specific cybersecurity capabilities at national and Energy Community levels, identifying the regulatory gaps in the cybersecurity framework. It brings recommendations on harmonization of cybersecurity across the single European energy market, including both Energy Community Contracting Parties and the EU Member States. The Study also includes an impact assessment for the incorporation of the EU cybersecuritypolicy and in particular the NISDirective, in the Energy Community Contracting Parties.

Link for download: https://www.energy-community.org/dam/jcr:db8e479d-b423-40c9-9ff9-998c7d9045ef/Blueprint_cyber_122019.pdf

November 2019 - We have been invited to 2nd Vienna Energy Strategy Dialogue, organized by OSCE and World Energy Council Austria to promote energy security dialogue on 29th of November. The event was hosted by the Federation of Austrian Industries and co-organized by the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Affairs and in partnership with the Austrian Member Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC Austria).

Over 60 leading energy experts from academia, business, government and international organizations including Blueprint Energy Solutions debated key challenges associated with future digitalization trends such as big data and artificial intelligence for energy system transformation, data security and development of climate policies.

Digitalization of the energy sector is becoming more and more an everyday reality for all stakeholders and key challenges of digitalization shall be addressed not only through technology solutions implementation but through designing the right digitalization strategy.

October 2019 – X-Flex H2020 project kick off: On 7th and 8th of October Blueprint Energy Solutions experts have attended the kick off meeting of H2020 project X-FLEX in Valencia, Spain. Blueprint Energy Solutions is one of the 12 partners in consortium. 

Blueprint Energy Solutions is a member od consortium, lead by the project coordinator ETRA from Spain, working on X-FLEX project which proposes a set of efficient, cost-effective, integrated solutions that will facilitate the optimum combination of decentralised flexibility assets, both on the generation (DER) side and on the demand side (V2G, power-to-heat/cold/gas, batteries, demand response), enabling all parties, including final prosumers, to offer their flexibility in the market creating benefits to all the actors in the smart grid value chain.

X-FLEX project outcomes will be tested in real conditions at 4 pilot sites in 3 EU Member states (Bulgaria, Slovenia and Greece), with different needs, socioeconomic and technological boundaries, involving multiple existing flexibility assets and all complementary actors of the energy network (DSO, TSO, microgrid operators, utilities, flexibility providers, local communities).

September 2019 - 14th Gas Forum - On September 19th Blueprint Energy Solutions have delivered the presentation “New Frontiers in the gas sector” for an audience of more than 120 gas experts from ministries, regulatory agencies and gas system operators at 14th Gas Forum in Ljubljana, Slovenia organized by Energy Community Secretariat , Vienna. The 14th Gas Forum hosted by European Commission and Slovenian regulator brought together representatives from all Energy Community Contracting Parties - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo*, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and observers from Azerbaijan, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia as well as European agencies and organizations such as ACER and ENTSO-G. Cybersecurity in gas sector is becoming an increasingly important element of security of gas supply and Blueprint Energy Solutions is proud to be one of the leaders in Europe in this field.

May 2019 - Blueprint Energy Solutions was proud to participate at European Photovoltaic Direct Use stakeholder group workshop on 6th May 2019 in Burgenland, Austria organized by Federal Ministry for Innovation, Transport and Technology.

We also kicked off Mission Innovation Austria 2019 week with energy innovation success stories as part of the panel on Ideas for the future energy system - how innovation processes must be designed in the future to actively support successful market launch of technological developments.





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