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Study on Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector of the Energy Community

We are very proud to share that outcomes of the Study on Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector of the Energy Community, conducted by Blueprint Energy Solutions for Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna, are public. The study is examining cybersecurity in electricity and gas sectors of the Energy Community Contracting Parties, namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo*, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine. The study contributes to building energy-specific cybersecurity capabilities at national and Energy Community levels, identifying the regulatory gaps in the cybersecurity framework. It brings recommendations on harmonization of cybersecurity across the single European energy market, including both Energy Community Contracting Parties and the EU Member States. The Study also includes an impact assessment for the incorporation of the EU cybersecuritypolicy and in particular the NISDirective, in the Energy Community Contracting Parties.

Link for download:

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