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Developing flexibility of energy assets and electricity market in 2020 - X-FLEX project

This year has seen Blueprint Energy Solutions team dispersed, among other places, across #Vienna, #Budapest, #Ljubljana and #Zagreb - all 4 cities with our core team currently in lockdown while we are working remotely on projects for our clients throughout Europe. Keeping the air clean and lights on does not stop even when most of the world seems to be at a standstill.

3rd General Meeting of the X-FLEX international project, which was held online, is behind us. X-FLEX is our unique research and innovation project within a consortium of 12 partners that will last until 2023. This project is developing a set of efficient, cost-effective, integrated solutions, that will facilitate the optimum combination of decentralised flexibility assets, both on the energy generation (DER) side in 4 demonstration sites – as well as supply side with utilities, electricity distribution companies and microgrid operators.

Blueprint representatives Elena Boskov-Kovacs, Ales Hvala, Boris Njavro and Lazar Miletic attended the meeting. Our members presented the ongoing tasks that the team is leading. Earlier this year we have completed the Inception report – important preliminary analysis of best practices in designing electricity marketplace and grid #flexibility from technical, socio-economic and regulatory aspects within EU to ensure best fit of X-FLEX platform and modules for the market, with particular focus on countries in which the project is being implemented.

Undergoing throughout 2020 is also the work on analysis of grid infrastructure conditions in pilot sites that involves strong collaboration with our partners Petrol, Elektro Celje, ESO, Albena, HEDNO and Sunlight on pilot sites as well as coordination with ETRA, our coordinator. Based on the functional requirements, specific flexibility scenarios and use cases as well as KPIs to measure impacts, we are analyzing in detail the #grid and #market conditions of the pilot sites including any constraints for deployment. The output of this work will support development of tools to be demonstrated in the project pilot sites, minimize risks and ensure our joint success.

Although the online meeting was successful and very productive, we are looking forward to the next face-to-face gathering in the future.

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