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Challenges of Energy Digitalization - Strategy Dialog

PIES – Slovenia – during big week for the Energy Sector in Europe, on December 2nd 2020, #PIES conference organized the round table “Challenges of #energy #digitalization” with Aleš Hvala from Blueprint Energy Solutions as round table leader. In true spirit of the topic and given recent lockdowns, this event was held online.

It was participated by panelists:

Aleš Groznik (Faculty of Economics),

Ciril Kafol, (Director of the Network Sector, Elektro Gorenjska),

David Batič (Head of Market Development and Monitoring Department, Energy Agency),

Dejan Paravan (GEN-I),

Gregor Taljan, (Asset Manager & Smart Grids Specialist, Energienetze Steiermark),

Matjaž Osvald (Executive Director of OE Operation and Development of the Distribution Network, Elektro Ljubljana) and

Uroš Kerin (Assistant Director of Asset and Project Management, ELES).

The panel highlighted the current situation and #vision of digitalization in Slovenian energy industry for the next decade, as well as the #pitfalls and challenges that energy companies face in this field. It addressed questions “how to set the right digitalization strategy” and how to prepare organization for effective implementation of these plans. The event also touched upon the key initiatives ahead of Slovenian energy in the field of digitalization in the coming years and how we can use the planned investments to recover European economies after the epidemic, which will be largely focused on #greenenergy and digitalization.

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